Five from the Outer Edge
Alby Carter, Dale Copeland, Anne Holliday, Paul Hutchinson, Roger Morris
Five Taranaki artists who hold on to a semblance of sanity only because they have their art.

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Alby Carter
Moving On Tides

Incident in Huntly Studio Window Don't Trust It

Dale Copeland
Public Persona Hell's Teeth

The Philosopher Self Portrait My 15 minutes

Anne Holliday
Self Portrait as a Dog 2 Self Portrait as a Dog 3

Arm Up Leg Up Self Portrait as a Dog 1

Paul Hutchinson
Self Portrait Flossing Teeth Self Portrait Bending Over

FAQ Cracked Contact

Roger Morris
Rode to JerUSAlem 9 11 was an inside job

Number Seven The words of Shyam Sunder The night bringer

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